3 Kings of Orion

All of us have an innate balance and strength of body, mind and spirit.  When we experience an imbalance in any of these areas we often find ourselves struggling to bring our lives back into order.  We sometimes feel overwhelmed looking for relief from the frustration that these imbalances often cause us. CherMark's Three Kings of Orion are three complex and exciting body oils created to enhance your innate power and support balance within your whole being, body, soul, spirit and mind. Each oil is named for the powerful and magnificent stars in Orion's Belt!

From West to East in the sky is:

MINTAKA: Zeta Orionis represents the power of the thunderbolt that changes earth with life and heat, emotional warmth and grounded peace. (Body)

ALNILAM: Epsilon Orionis represents the sense of motion and course expansion, clarity and focus.  (Mind)

ALNITAK: Delta Orionis represents the power and force of creativity, intuition and wisdom. (Spirit)