All About Celestial Infusion

All About CherMark Botanicals' Celestial Infusion!

Celestial Infusion is CherMark Botanicals' original and unique term for the very special process used to make our Infused Jojoba body oils.  Infusion is not a unique process.  Cultures all over the world have been infusing herbal oils for thousands of years. CherMark’s infusions are infused to maximize the full energy potential of the sun and moon. 

The sun and moon have direct effects on every living being and thing on the earth.  Ancient cultures created lunar calendars dating back from 8,000 to 40,000 BC.  Cave men at the end of the Old Stone Age made incisions on reindeer bone, mammoth ivory and ornamental stone as well as on the walls of caves and rock shelters that were used as lunar calendars.

Here at CherMark Botanicals we believe in using the energy of the sun and moon.  Our infusions are born on special days during the lunar cycle and complete their life after having infused with the maximum energy provided by the moon and the warmth of its celestial companion, the sun.  This cosmic marriage of moon and sun provides phenomenal energetics to our infusions and enhances their therapeutic properties. Occasionally we get an extra infusion of energy from weather phenomena like thunderstorms, hurricanes and even rare eclipses.  All of these elements combine to make CherMark Infused Jojoba the absolute best body oil infusions available.