About Us

CherMark Botanicals is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of Louisiana.

Hello and Welcome! I'm Cheryl Lindloff, owner and founder of CherMark Botanicals. I began my journey into natural products like so many others, when I was diagnosed with an illness that changed my life.  That was 11 years ago and through the use of natural alternative treatment, I have my life back. Now I want to help others and I feel the best way I can do that is to offer the highest quality, most effective products available.


CherMark Botanicals offers customers safe, effective alternatives to toxic pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs that contain harsh chemical compounds opposing nature's perfect remedies. CherMark Botanicals was started with a mission to help people find the best quality natural alternatives for health and wellness.

We know you want high quality, effective products. Each and every product offered by CherMark Botanicals is chosen for its quality and effectiveness. We price our products with the goal of getting as many people as possible to use them for their optimal health.


CherMark Botanicals goes above and beyond just selling the highest quality products. We want to do more. We want to be a support system for you by keeping you informed as the natural health industry changes by providing valuable information on healthy natural alternatives to help you improve your quality of life.

Our customers deserve to have hope and healing through the use of effective natural alternatives. We want to inspire hope, happiness and healing to your mind, soul, body and spirit. We want you to see and experience the possibilities natural alternatives offer.


Our world can be a very stressful place. CherMark Botanicals stands out from the crowd because we have YOUR best interest at heart. We make sure the products you buy from us are the best available. We believe you deserve the best life offers because we believe in YOU.