NOTICE:  We are redesigning our labels. Our Celestial Infusions oils will be available again soon!

CherMark Botanicals' signature line of Celestial Infusions includes the largest selection of high quality solar and lunar infused organic herbal body and carrier oils available.  Nature has a way of doing things much better than we can.  Here at CherMark Botanicals we infuse our 100% Pure Organic Jojoba with certified organic herbs by using the natural light, warmth and energy of the sun and the celestial synergy of the moon. Infusing herbs and herbal blends are a great way to preserve the therapeutic and medicinal properties of herbs. The warmth of the sun helps speed up this process and there is some evidence that the energy from the sun also helps extract beneficial parts of the plant that are not obtained by heat alone.

Our lunar infusions are born on specific dates corresponding with lunar phases of the moon. They are designed and blended to support balance and energy between the new and full moons. We even monitor special celestial events to make sure and capture the special energy forces that coincide with them.

A good infused blend requires at least two weeks to create a potent herbal infusion. Our infusions are allowed at least 30 days to achieve optimal strength and energy. The ratio of herbs in our infusions is carefully measured and monitored to insure maximum synergy. 

All of our products are made in small batches, making them very valuable because when a batch is gone, it's gone forever.  When you place an order, we personally pour and package your order. Our oils do not sit on a shelf waiting for orders. They are kept in a temperature controlled environment to assure their therapeutic properties are protected so that when you receive your precious oil, it's energy and synergy is strong and the therapeutic properties are potent and effective.

All of CherMark Botanicals infused herbs and herbal blends are made with 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Wax (also known as Jojoba Oil) grown, harvested and extracted right here in the USA.  It is believed that Jojoba’s molecular configuration is less reactive than configurations of typical plant oils. Precisely because Jojoba is NOT oil, it's a far superior product for maintaining and promoting healthy skin. 

Unlike carrier oils, such as sweet almond or grapeseed, Jojoba does not become rancid. Also unlike other carriers, Jojoba mixes naturally with our skin's fluid; it does not stay on top of the skin but penetrates it, carrying the medicinal and therapeutic properties of the infused herbs and/or essential oil(s) with it into the skin. Of more than 350,000 identified plant species, Jojoba is the only one which produces significant quantities of liquid wax esters akin to the natural restorative esters human sebaceous glands produce.  All of the herbs used for our infusions are Certified Organic and grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and have not been fumigated or irradiated.