Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum - GOU GI ZI)

Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum - GOU GI ZI)

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Goji Berries are a well-respected tonic herb used as part of the centuries-old tradition of Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM). It is native to China and other parts of southeast Asia. Lycium barbarum is a spiny shrub, not a vine despite one of its common names being Matrimony Vine. The ten-foot long, arching branches are, however, reminiscent of a vine. The pale rose-colored flowers develop into red, pointed fruits or berries. 

Botanical Name: Lycium barbarum

Other Names:  Lycii, GOU GI ZI, Chinese Wolfberry, Chinese Boxthorn, Matrimony Vine

Family:  Solanaceae

Origin: China

Taste: Tart, Sweet

Energy:  Slightly Warm

Part Used:  Fruit, Berries

Make a tincture: Tinctures are also called extracts. This same process is used to make real vanilla extract.  Alcohol tinctures are the most common type and the easiest to make.

Ratio: (1:4) 60-90 drops up to four times a day

Detailed instructions for making a tincture can be found HERE!

Decoction:  Add 2 tsp dried fruit to 12 oz. water, decoct 15-20 minutes, steep 40-50 minutes.  Drink up to three cups per day.

As Food:  Eat up to one ounce per day.

  • Keep out of reach of children.

Always consult your health care professional before using any herbal supplement.

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