Linden Leaf & Flower (Tilla europaea)

Linden Leaf & Flower (Tilla europaea)

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The Tilia species grows in temperate climates in the north. They are deciduous trees (losing their leaves in winter) that can grow to a height of 90 feet and may live up to 1,000 years.

Tilia europaea is a large deciduous tree that grows 49–164 ft tall with a trunk up to an 8 ft radius. The base of the trunk often features burrs and a dense mass of brushwood. The leaves are intermediate between the parents, 2–6 in long and 2–5 in broad, thinly hairy below with tufts of denser hairs in the leaf vein axils. The flowers are produced in clusters of four to ten in early summer with a leafy yellow-green subtending bract; they are fragrant, and pollinated by bees.


Latin Name: Tilla europaea
Common Names: basswood, common linden, common lime (not citrus)

Plant Family: Tiliaceae

Origin: Bulgaria

Energy: cool, moist

Taste: Sweet

Part Used: Leaves & Flowers



As a tea: Pour 1 cup boiling water over 1 tsp. of herb, cover and steep 15 minutes. Cover while steeping.

Infused oil:  CherMark Botanicals Linden Leaf & Flowers Lunar Infused Jojoba

As a glycerite: Fill a clean jar 1/2 to 1/3 full of dried herbs. Do not pack the herbs down. Cover with a mixture of 3 parts vegetable glycerine  to 1 part water. Cap and let this sit in a dark place for 3 to 4 weeks. Strain.  Store in your refrigerator.

Detailed instructions for making a glyercite can be found HERE!

When making a glycerite with dried herbs, it is common to use water to rehydrate the herbs and loosen up the botanical matter.

In the bath:  Added to a bath as a water infusion will have a calming effect and will prove useful before bedtime.


Lithium: Because linden may act as a diuretic, it could increase the concentration of lithium in your blood. If you take lithium, talk to your doctor before taking linden.

Always consult your health care professional before using any herbal supplement.

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