Rosemary Leaf (Rosemarinus officinalis)

Rosemary Leaf (Rosemarinus officinalis)

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Rosmarinus officinalis, is a sun-loving shrub, native to the south of France and other Mediterranean regions. It is widely cultivated for its aromatic properties.

This pine-scented evergreen, a member of the mint family, can grow to 5 ft (1.5 m) in height in favorable settings. Rosemary thrives in chalky or sandy soil in full sun. The herb grows wild on dry, rocky slopes near the sea. Its name is derived from the Latin ros marinus, meaning "sea dew." The specific name, officinalis, refers to the herb's inclusion in official Western listings of medicinal herbs. Rosemary was a favored herb in early apothecary gardens.

Legend abounds around this lovely perennial known as the "herb of remembrance." It is said that rosemary will grow particularly well in gardens tended by strong-willed women. Young brides traditionally carried a sprig of rosemary in their wreaths or wedding bouquets.

Latin Name: Rosemarinus officinalis
Common Names: polar plant, compass-weed, compass plant

Plant Family: Lamiaceae

Origin: Spain

Taste:  lemon-pine, pungent

Energy: warm, dry

Part Used: Leaves


Infused Oil:  CherMark Botanicals Rosemary Solar Infused Jojoba

Culinary:  Rosemary is wonderful used as a spice.  It is strong so use a light hand when adding to foods. It pairs well with roasted lamb, garlic, and olive oil. Rosemary is also a nice addition to focaccia, tomato sauce, pizza, and pork.

As a tea:  In a glass teapot, pour 8 oz of non-chlorinated water that has been brought just to the boiling point over 2-3 tsp of herb. Steep the mixture in a covered container for 1015 min. Strain. Drink the tea warm up to three cups per day.

As a compress: Soak a cotton pad with a hot water infusion of rosemary leaf and apply to bruises or sprains, or as an aid in the healing of wounds and skin irritations.

  • Not for use if pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Persons with high blood pressure, epilepsy or diverticulosis, chronic ulcers, or colitis, should not take rosemary internally.
  • Rosemary acts as an emmenagogue, stimulating menstrual flow.

Always consult your health care professional before using any herbal supplement.

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