Vanilla Solar Infused Jojoba

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Vanilla’s alluringly creamy aroma can help you relax and help stress gently let go.  Associated with warmth and softness, Vanilla has connotations of purity and simplicity. Used for its wide range of positive effects, Vanilla is a  perfect addition to your daily skin care routine.

It's been used for years and can help protect, condition, and repair the skin. It’s also recognized as a potent mood enhancer and calming agent that can be uplifting for the spirit after a sad or stressful day. The happy aroma can have a wonderful relaxing effect and is perfect for the vanilla lover.

This oil is a wonderful base or carrier oil for making your own aromatherapy blends. Just add essential oils in a safe dilution rate or add it to butters, creams or lotions.  It's also a fantastic oil used on its own as a body oil.


This limited batch has powerful energy from summer thunderstorms and the summer sun.


If you've ever cooked or baked with vanilla, then you know exactly what this phenomenal infusion smells like, minus the alcohol. The soft, heavenly aroma reaches out through the air surrounding us and providing a calming yet uplifting presence.


    Massage & Body Oil:  CherMark Botanicals' Solar Infused Vanilla moves smoothly over the skin and absorbs completely and leaves a protective barrier on your skin with no oily residue. As you generously apply this synergy infusion breathe in the delicious aroma. The uplifting, happy aroma is just the thing to start your day or relax at night. It's a fabulous massage oil and works great for massaging a sore back or sore muscles and leaves your skin silky smooth.

    Carrier oil: CherMark Botanicals' Solar Infused Vanilla is the perfect base to dilute essential oils for creating aromatherapy blends. Blend it with any of our Celestial Infusions herbal infused jojoba to create a phenomenal herbal infused base. Use to dilute essential oils at the standard dilution rate for your application. Using an infused carrier oil in addition to essential oil is a terrific way to double the therapeutic benefits! Use in butters, salves, lotions and other aromatherapy applications where jojoba is used.


    Directions: Apply generously and massage into the skin until absorbed. For best results apply 4-5 times daily.


    • For External Use Only.
    • Avoid contact with eyes.
    • Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.
    • Keep out of reach of children.


      Storage: Store in a cool dark place.


      Organic Jojoba, Infused Organic Vanilla Oleoresin


      Celestial Infusions body oils come in very limited batches. They are infused using specific dates for cosmic energy. When a batch is gone, it's gone forever.  New batches are infused on similar dates under similar lunar and solar phases. However, special events such as eclipses and solar alignments can not be duplicated. The celestial energy for each batch is stated under the ENERGY tab just below the description.

      Our infusions are not perfume oils.  They are 100% natural herbal infusions that have a light aroma which dissipates in a short period of time, leaving you able to wear your choice of perfume without changing the scent. When used in perfumes the blend will retain it's soft vanilla scent. The herbs used in our infusions offer powerful properties for health and wellness, body, mind and spirit. 

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