7 Sisters Chakra Blends

CherMark Botanicals 7 Sisters offers the possibility of opening a new dimension of healing and growth for you.  All us have a human energy system and within that system are seven energy centers.  These energy centers are known as chakras.  The chakras act as conductors, filtering energy from the heavens and earth. The convergence of these energy fields creates  a moving vortex of energy, which then stimulates various endocrine organs in the body to secrete hormones.  The effect of hormones control our body and state of mind. The chakras are a key to physical health, emotional stability and mental clarity.

Meet the 7 Sisters.  Represented by the seven most prominent stars in the Pleadies constellation, CherMark Botanicals' specially formulated blends are designed to stimulate and support each of the chakras with energy and balance.

ACENSION: Star name: Asterope. Color: Violet.  Acension supports spirituality, the transcendent relationship to God and the universe. It's used for the Crown Chakra.

CLARITY: Star name: Taygeta. Color: Indigo.  Clarity supports intuition, wisdom and creative intelligence. It's used for the Brow Chakra.

EXPRESSION: Star name: Celaeno. Color: Turquoise.  Expression supports communication. It's used for the Throat Chakra.

ADORATION: Star name: Electra. Color: Green.  Adoration supports love, giving/receiving, forgiving and acceptance. It's used for the Heart Chakra.

CONFIDENCE: Star name: Merope. Color: Yellow.  Confidence supports self will, self power and self confidence. It's used for the Navel Chakra.

LIFE FORCE: Star name: Alcyone. Color: Orange.  Life Force supports emotional balance, sexuality, and procreation. It's used for the Sacral Chakra.

STABILTY: Star name: Maia. Color: Red.  Stability is supports survival, physical needs, personal associations and familial relationships. It's used for the Root Chakra.






Life Force